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Everyone Should Write A Book

Why Everyone Should Write a Book – Even if No-One Reads It – Just for the Sheer Joy of Creation.

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“Everyone has a book in them” but in the past publishing gate-keepers stood in the way. Now their power has gone; we can all publish whatever we want, as long as we do it for sheer enjoyment. It’s fun to remember the past for a memoir, to get something off your chest or to tell a story. On-line publishing is free, print-on-demand costs next to nothing. You can hire experts to help, or you can do it alone. Even if no-one ever reads it you will have the satisfaction of completing the task. It’s as foolish to dream of writing a bestseller as it is to dream of winning the lottery, but millions of people still enjoy dreams of winning a fortune. You can hide the manuscript in a drawer, give it to friends or see if you can sell some copies – there’s nothing to lose apart from the time you put into the writing. If you spend money on the project, be prepared to write it off – like the price of a lottery ticket. The pleasure lies in the creation of the thing, not the selling of it.

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