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25 Times All India Bakchod Was Just Too Fucking Hilarious

These guys should be comedians.

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1. When Khamba described how he passed his computer exam.

2. When they shaded Times Of India's editorial practices.

3. And when they took it one step further and made a whole video about it.

4. When they had no problem being truthful.

5. When the boys subtly embedded jokes into the background of On Air With AIB.


6. When Rohan described the dynamics of male and female teachers.

7. When they created a music video about creepy Facebook messages from guys.

You can check it out here.

You can check it out here.

8. When they tried to break down the rampant drug problems in Punjab.

AIB / Hotstar

9. When Rohan told us what his mom did in her free time.

10. When they gave us a hilarious look into what ~actually~ happens inside all Indian airlines.

11. When they made an entire song just from Salman Khan's tweets.

12. When the gave us an honest iPhone 7 announcement.

An Honest Summary of the iPhone 7 Announcement

13. When Ashish revealed the truth about board exams and that resulted in this Biswa Kalyan Rath face.

14. When they resonated all our feelings about Biryani.

15. When they had Abish Mathew act out what it's like to get a waiter's attention at an Indian restaurant.


16. When Tanmay accurately represented the meeting between the Royal couple and Bollywood.

17. When they wrote this shade for Karan Johar to throw at Ranveer Singh.

18. When Khamba explained firecracker enthusiasts.

19. When Ashish called out the censor board.

20. When, just for fucks, they put Himesh Reshammiya's face on movie posters.

21. When Tanmay and Rohan actually thought that they'd get to play FIFA with Shah Rukh Khan.

All India Bakchod

22. When Khamba simultaneously took a dig at Rajeev Masand and Alia Bhatt.


23. When Rohan started "gadget reviews" for things like towels, Marie biscuits, cats and air purifiers.

24. When they decided to ruin people's lives, and began spilling secrets on live television, every night.


25. And of course, when they helped Alia Bhatt perfectly and hilariously reply to jokes about her intelligence.

All India Bakchod

You've probably already seen this, but if not, here: treat yo self.

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