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    A White Dude Wore A T-Shirt With The Word "Bhenchod" On It 'Cause He Thought It Meant "I Love You"

    Everybody please Google things.

    On October 31, Twitter user @brohsen shared this photo of a dude walking by him while he was in Las Vegas.

    Now while it's innocent enough for every other person on the planet, Indians would have already LMAO-ed scrolling past the first picture. That, my dear firang friends, is because the word "bhenchod" literally translates to sister fucker.

    @brohsen told BuzzFeed that he met the bloke in Las Vegas on Friday night, at 4 a.m., and that the latter had no idea what the word on his shirt meant. He said that his ex got it for him and told him that it meant, "I love you".

    In any case, if the ex knew what the word meant, then hella props on this glorious prank. It is truly magnificent.

    Prank or not, Indians did not miss a chance to jibe at the clearly oblivious young lad.

    @brohsen Sari girlfriends aisi hi haramzadian honi chahyen!!!

    Moral of the story: Always Google terms you don't know. It's a free tool. You can do it any time, any place.

    Imaan Sheikh / BuzzFeed

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