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    Posted on 20 Jun 2017

    This Three-Minute Heartfelt Monologue From AIB's New Sketch Gets Into The Head Of Every Engineer

    Take a bit out of your day to understand where an engineering student may be coming from.

    Yesterday, All India Bakchod gave the internet another gift in the form of a three-part series titled "Honest Engineering Campus Placements".

    As the title suggests, it's an in-your-face, real, absurdist take on the life of an engineer as campus placements begin to rear their ugly head.

    The main characters are Average Mishra, Overachiever Gokhale, and Failure Mehta played by comedians Naveen Polishetty, Rahul Subramanian and Kumar Varun.

    The 30-minute comedy video ends with a sombre, honest, hard-hitting monologue that gets into the head of the Indian engineer.

    Average Mishra (Polishetty) goes on a heartfelt rant about the privilege that comes with speaking English, and the elitism of looking down at those who don't.

    The comedy group has been widely lauded for examining the cultural exclusion that engineers have to battle.

    Shoutout to writers Girish Narayandass and Vishal Dayama for articulating a deep-rooted and destructive form of discrimination: language. Watch the short monologue here:

    Facebook: video.php

    And watch the entire series here.