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    Posted on 26 Apr 2017

    The New "Baywatch" Trailer Has A LOT More Priyanka Chopra In It, And I'm Calling It, She's Hella Good

    You obvs don't have to listen to me because I am not a film critic, but you can see for yourself.

    Everyone is pretty psyched about the Baywatch film reboot starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Zac Efron...

    Paramount Pictures

    And of course, Priyanka Chopra as the big bad Victoria Leeds.

    Paramount Pictures

    Unfortunately, all the promos so far have shown only fleeting glimpses of Chopra as Leeds.

    BUT, the latest one really ups the ante.

    Starting with Chopra's villainous stares. I mean c'mon, this is A-plus "I'm 100% hatching an insidious plan" stuff.

    And Leeds isn't one to take shit from any of the lifeguards trying to bring down her drug ring.

    And her addition to the cast line-up in the promos is perfect.

    Because Chopra is just as badass in real life.

    Check out the latest trailer here:

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