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12 Times Abhishek Bachchan Was The Classiest But Sassiest Tweeter In All The Land

Never change, Abhishek. Never change.

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1. When professional troll KRK tried to stir some shit.

2. When Preity Zinta proclaimed her girl crush on Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.

3. When he jokingly reminded Boman Irani of their age gap.

4. When he answered all of this comedian's questions perfectly.

5. And pretty much owned him every time he tried to get back.

6. When he had an apt reply to a fan who knew nothing about his fantasy football league.

7. When he had the most classy comeback to this comedian's comment on his acting.

8. And when he added a little extra zing.

9. When a troll tweeted this picture of him and his daughter Aaradhya.

10. When he gave this Portugal fan some fitting advice.

Portugal drew with Hungary for a final score of 3-3.
Twitter: @juniorbachchan

Portugal drew with Hungary for a final score of 3-3.

11. When he acknowledged that his parody account was hilarious as hell.

12. And when he had the most fitting reply to this tweet about him not being the "least known celebrity".