15 Frikkin' Amazing Pizzas From Bombay That The World Needs To Know About

    Everyone comes here for the nightlife, everyone stays for the bazillion types of pizzas you get.

    1. The Flaming Old Monk Pizza

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    At Pizza By The Bay, you can have a pizza of your choosing, and they will flambé it right in front of you with Old Monk. They also do it with vodka, gin, and brandy.

    2. The Cheese Nachos And Fries Pizza

    3. The Pizza Cone

    4. The Seafood Pizza

    5. The Nutella Pizza

    6. The Maggizza

    7. The Chaat Pizza

    8. The Cookie Pizza

    9. The Naanza

    10. The Kurkure Pizza

    11. The Mac 'n' Cheese Pizza

    12. The Completely-Chicken Crust Pizza

    13. The Chicago Meatball Deep Dish Pizza

    14. The Metre-Long Pizza

    15. The Dhoklizza