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    Discover The Delights Of Japan

    Japan is a marvelous place to visit. There are many things to discover in this magical place.

    Discover the Delights of Japan

    Japan is a fascinating place that is rich with tradition and culture. There are many elements that cause Japan to be distinct. The places, culture and cuisine of Japan are unique from anywhere else in the world. Travelers are enticed by the special experiences that can only come from Japan, and they return time and time again.

    Magnificent Japanese Gardens

    Japanese gardens are traditional and they are regarded as a cherished art form. Japan has many types of gardens, including "Stroll Gardens," "Tsubo" Gardens and Hermitage Gardens. Japanese Stroll Gardens are changeable by season and incorporate elements such as lanterns and bridges. Tsubo Gardens can be small and are often placed in the backyard of private homes. Finally, Hermitage Gardens are often composed by priests or artists.

    Traditional Cuisine

    When it comes to cuisine, Japanese food acknowledges the changing of the seasons. The food is prepared in the most simple, natural way possible. There should be a great variety of foods served daily. Japanese cuisine endeavors to appeal to all the senses and is served carefully with a view to enhancing the aesthetic appeal.

    Celebrate Oshogatsu (New Year's Day)

    It can be exciting to celebrate New Year's Day in Japan. It is an ancient festival that is intended to ensure good fortune for the coming year. Gifts are exchanged and seasonal foods are enjoyed. Households celebrate New Year's Day with great anticipation and joy.

    Attend a Kabuki Theatre Performance

    Kabuki Theatre performances are spellbinding. The highly dramatic plots are captivating and the show is visually stunning. There is high-quality music and the sets are stylistic and colorful. The costumes are often elaborate and provide great entertainment.

    Go Shopping

    It is fun to go shopping for souvenirs in Japan. For instance, many visitors love to buy kimono to bring back home. The gorgeous silk kimonos are irresistible and they vary in price. Many people love to buy beautiful Japanese dolls as well.

    Japan is full of wonders and delights for visitors to experience. The Japanese gardens in particular are not to be missed. The cuisine is prepared with great attention to the yearly season. All these elements make Japan a truly unforgettable vacation experience.


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