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10 Thoughts While Watching Taylor Swift's Delicate Music Video

An anthem that deserves cinematic attention.

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1. BYEEE to these reporters Taylor’s over this ish but I'M FASCINATED BY THE GLITTER NOTE

2. Tag yourself I’m the usher attacking her

3. I’m here for this choreographed stepping with the hot body guards

4. Oh NO! her reflections gone! She wanted to be invisible and now it came true and she wants attention. This is Arie from the Bachelor/ Tom and Abby from Queer Eye level indecisiveness

5. Okurrr this dancing is not LWYMMD level, oh wait, this is intentional okay okay. I see you.

6. I’m glad the usher gets another moment at 2:07

7. This is Get Out realness with the dead eyes at 2:40 with the lipstick moment

8. She has escaped the pressure of glamour and she’s being her authentic self in the “real world” of the city and the subway. But the people on the subway CANNOT be bothered by Taylor Swift crawling on the ground. They’re all like YOU'RE DELAYING THE DEPARTURE OF THIS TRAIN

9. 3:10 THIS IS KATHY FROM CANDY APPLES CHOREO!!!! Did Taylor hire her for this video???? This is a real question.

10. Is Joe at the bar? Did he send the glitter note?

Overall, I vibe with this video. I love a tear-away dress and this song!!!!

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