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The 11 Greatest Weathermen Of All Time

Rain or shine, these pros are always there to talk about rain or shine. Don't miss Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues to see if the news team's resident weather "expert," Brick Tamland, can complete a sentence. In theaters December 18.

1. Good morning, America! We have an... um... "exciting" forecast for you today.

Fox 13 / Via

2. Today will be partly cloudy with a high chance of OMNOMNOMNOM.

Fox 4 / Via

3. Let's throw it over to Chuck, who has the moves that'll take today from "cool" to "cooler."

News 13 / Via

4. Thank you, Chuck! Now to Diane with the... Hey! Hey, buddy! Eyes up here!

ABC 24 / Via

5. Except not right now. Definitely look down right now. This is getting muy peligroso!

Telemundo 52 / Via

6. What do we have here? Oh, don't tell me Bill fell for the old "bring your cat to work day" email again!

Univision / Telemundo / Via

7. It's about time to throw it over to Kevin, our veteran meteorologist, in hopes that this program doesn't completely fall apart.

8. Thank you, Kevin, for that horrifying Vanna White impersonation. Now we have Lucy on location with... well, that's humiliating.

ABC 7 / / / Via

9. All right folks, Lucy has been fired. Nothing to worry about, EXCEPT FOR THE GIANT SPIDER ATTACKING LISA!

Global BC / Via

10. And the ghost that's apparently tickling Jeff.

Global Toronto / Via

11. Geez Louise, let's wrap this up with... Nope! Absolutely not.

KLST / Via

OK. So obviously everyone is fired. Please go home.

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