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Famous People With Even More Famous Relatives

What's way more interesting than the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon? Celebrities that are ACTUALLY related! Find out more about your ancestors on!

1. George Clooney & Abraham Lincoln

George Clooney and Abraham Lincoln share more than a proclivity for bow ties. The family trees for both men share a branch: Lincoln’s maternal grandmother, Lucy Hanks. This makes Clooney the president's half-first cousin five times removed. Clooney 2016?

2. Ellen DeGeneres & Madonna

It's been confirmed that the Queen of Daytime TV and the Queen of Pop are 11th cousins. We wonder if the two entertainers' killer dance moves come from their common 10th great-grandfather — a Frenchman named Martin Aucoin.

3. Sarah Palin & Princess Diana

Sarah Palin is not just the former governor of Alaska, she's also 10th cousin to England's most beautiful blonde icon, Princess Diana, through common ancestors John Strong and Abigail Ford. If the maverick politician returns to the American political theater, perhaps it should be as Princess Palin...

4. Ryan Gosling & Justin Bieber

Ryan Gosling and Justin Bieber have a lot more in common than being the cause of high-pitched fan-girl screams across the globe. Both heartthrobs are former child stars, natives of Canada-land, and serve as muses of excellent internet memes. Taking it one step further, Gosling and Bieber are 11th cousins once removed and both descend from Quebec immigrants Mathurin Roy and Marguerite Biré!

5. Celine Dion & Avril Lavigne

Fellow Canadian singers Celine Dion and Avril Lavigne also share a family tie — with each other AND Gosling and the Biebs. Avril's ancestors come from the same Roy/Biré family as Bieber and Gosling, while Celine is Justin's 10th cousin, three times removed. This means all four Canadians are related through Bieber. In short, you better beliebe Canada is one big family.

6. George W. Bush & Pocahontas

It turns out everyone's favorite president-turned-painter, George W. Bush, is a descendant of the famed Pocahontas. The pair are linked through President Bush's eighth great-grandfather, Robert Bolling, who married Pocahontas' granddaughter, Jane Rolfe. Perhaps the president should turn his painter's eye toward his own family tree and create a portrait worthy of a Disney sequel...

When Camilla Parker-Bowles met her future husband, Prince Charles, at a polo match in the 1970s, she reportedly said: “My great-grandmother and your great-great grandfather were lovers, so how about it?" Genealogical research later proved the two do have a close relationship: They are 9th cousins. The royal couple has not let that detail interfere with their marriage. Some things are just meant to be.

In an ironic twist, Robert Pattinson — most famous for his role as a bloodsucking vampire — is a distant relative of Vlad the Impaler. Vlad was the inspiration behind the world's most popular bloodsucker, Bram Stoker's Dracula.

9. Mitt Romney & Six Former Presidents

10. President Barack Obama & Brad Pitt

Turns out President Barack Obama is Brad Pitt's 9th cousin. Mr. Pitt Meets the President sounds like the name of a great film. Maybe it's time the Brangelina brood and the Obamas take a big family vacation together. Now that's some reality TV worth watching.