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13 Yia Yia Approved Sexy Greek Singers To Fall In Love With

I didn't know that any of these guys existed until some exploring on YouTube and Instagram. I am ohhhhh so glad I spent the time. I liked being Greek before, but I *love* being Greek now. My grandma has seen pictures and music videos of these guys, and she gives her yia yia stamp of approval. You'll see what I mean as we go. Let's begin our sexy journey! As we say in Greek, "pame!" That means, "let's go!"

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Kostas Martakis

Now, I am a little biased. Of all these sexy pieces of souvlaki, I discovered Kosta first, and he is my absolute favorite. You understand why though, right? I mean, hello?! Looks at his sexy face and beautiful eyes! I became a fan of Kosta's 2 years ago then the rest of the sexy Greek boys I'll be listing followed. Kosta became famous in 2006 and he's been singing in and around Greece since then. He's got upbeat, fun songs and some slow, sad songs too. He has so much music that I promise you'll find something you like. In October 2016, he came to the US and I saw him in Boston. He was amazing live! It was the best concert I've ever been to, and I've probably been to 50 concerts so far in my 21 years of life. Seeing him in concert made me love him even more. I got to meet him as well, and he's such a sweetheart in real life. Kosta's sexy bird tattoos drive me CRAZY, in a good way...the best way. He has 14. I counted in a music video. They're a theme in his Instagram photos 😍

Ta Kalitera

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The title of this song is "Just Say Yes" and its so catchy!!!!!!!!! It came out in summer 2015, and I've been listening to it constantly since...I'm not kidding. Just watch/listen and you'll see what I mean. And you'll see the sexy birds too 😍😍😍

Konstantinos Argiros

Konstantinos wears THE HELL out of a suit and I am oh so grateful. He's just a delicious little piece of feta cheese. I really like Greek food, ok? Don't judge me. YouTube suggested this video of his when I was watching Kosta and that's how I found out about him. Ah, I just love YouTube so much!!!!! He had a new album come out recently, and all of the songs are such jams. In the meantime, just stare at his sexiness in this suit, which is very lucky to be on him 😍

Esena Thelo

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Youtube suggested this song when I was watching Kosta's video above. Don't you love Youtube?!?! This is wicked catchy too, probably catchier that's Kosta's song. You'll see what I mean.

Petros Iakovidis

Kosta is my favorite from this list, but I have a soft spot for Petros. I found him on Instagram, and I'm so happy I did. He's the king of sexy selfies, and the world is a better place for it. He posts at least one every day and they're always beautiful. His Instagram stories are great too because they're usually hilarious. He's the only person who's insta stories I actually watch. I feel like the best way to describe Petros is effortlessly beautiful inside and out 😍

Koritsaki Mou

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He's singing to his girl. The title literally means, "My Girl." He's adorable. Wouldn't it be great to be his girl?

Nikos Vertis

Ohhhhhh Nikos.....Nikos is yummy! He's actually the only person from this list that I didn't find online. He's my grandma's favorite Greek singer and that's how I learned about him. On a flight to Las Vegas this past summer, she made me listen to his music for 6 straight hours. There's one particular song of his that I listen to 4 times a day and I cry every time I hear it. He's just that magical 😍

Thelo Na Me Nioseis

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Here's that song. Nikos plays this guitar beautifully and his voice brings me to tears here. This my favorite Greek song of all time. I would go to Greece just to see this live.

Aris Makris

Aris is Greek and he was/is in a boy band, and those are the 2 major qualifications you need to have to be my dream man. He recently went solo, and its not totally clear if his band, Boys and Noise, is still making music together. Aris is such a delicious little piece of spanakopita that I don't even need to think about the other guys in his group. He continues to do solo stuff, for which I am incredibly grateful. He only has one solo song right now and its just fantastic! From the second I started listening to it, I loved it 😍


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Here's that solo song I was talking about! Its upbeat, fun, and I love it. I hope he comes out with more soon.

Giorgos Papadopoulos

We just had a Niko, so you knew a George wasn't far behind. What can I say? I discovered Giorgo when I was looking up a song that Kosta usually covers in concert. I like Giorgo because he has this mysterious sexy air about him. You see it, right? 😍

Gia Sena

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This is the song that Kosta always covers. Its gonna be stuck in your head all day after you listen to this. You're welcome.

Ginno Papathanasiou

Another sexy Greek boy killin' it with the sexy selfies is Ginno. I found him on Instagram and I was instantly in love. He's got the same sexy birds as Kosta. Do you see a theme?!?!??!! He posts selfies and updates his Instagram stories all the time and they just get sexier. He gives Petros a run for his money....I can't pick who I like better. Don't make me choose!!! Ginno has amazing pipes to go along with his good looks. I found his YouTube channel and I was blown away by his voice 😍

Instagram: @ginno_official

Ginno just does covers right now, and he's really good at it. See what I mean?

Giorgos Livanis

Instagram: @giwrgos_livanis

Another George!!!! What can I say? I just love my sexy Greek boys, and Giorgo is no different. I found him through Instagram as well. My Instagram is tiny dogs and Greek singers. Life is amazing 😍

Ax Kardia

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This is his only music video right now, but I hope he makes more!

Nikos Patsiarikas

Instagram: @djpitsi

Niko is actually a DJ, so technically he shouldn't be included on this list but I'm not going to ignore him based on a technicality. Niko's DJ name is DJ Pitsi and he makes good music. He's another sexy Greek boy who rocks the selfie game too, as you can see 😍

Mi Amor

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He doesn't sing or anything in this, he just stands there and looks pretty...I'm ok with that 😉

Konstantinos Koufos

Instagram: @kwnkouofficial

Konstantinos is adorable in his hoodie! Oh, and that smile is contagious. His entire Instagram is full smiles like this. Its just a joy to scroll through 😍

H Pio Oraia Stin Ellada

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He's singing to the prettiest girl in Greece. That's the title of this song. Its fun, its fast, and its gonna be stuck in your head for like 5 days. You're welcome.

Christos Mastoras / Via

Christos is your typical sexy bad boy and I am about it! He's the lead singer in this band named Melisses, which means bees in English. I know, that's a weird band name. Anyway, I was gonna give you a picture from his Instagram, but I wanted to say "save a horse, ride a cowboy" too badly. Oh, Christos is friends with Konstantinos (you saw him earlier in this list). This further proves my theory that all sexy Greek boys are friends 😍

Pio Dynata

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Have fun watching Chris sing "So Strong" to you

Stelios Legakis

Instagram: @stelioslegakisofficial

Look, a twofer! Stelios and Petros are friends! My theory is true! I found Stelios through Petros, so thank you, Petros! Stelios is kind of like Petros' adorable little brother who also sings 😍

Me Exeis Trelanei

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Honestly, you should feel honored that you have Stelios going crazy. I'm honored!

Nikiforos Vithoulkas

Instagram: @nikiforos

One of my Greek friends sent me his music and that's how I got into him. I've liked him ever since 😍

Edw Sta Diskola

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Omg this is so catchy. You're gonna wanna get up and dance.

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