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Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Everyone from time to time eats eggs for breakfast. They are amongst the most nutritious foods in the world and make the great kick-start of the day, especially if you can allow yourself a slow beginning of the day and can add a bit more creativity to your morning routine.

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Scrambled eggs with tomato and parsley

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2 eggs

1 fresh tomato

3 tbsp milk

fresh parsley

20gr salted butter

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Serves: 1 person

Preparing scrambled eggs:

1. First of all peel your tomato and chop it into nice little pieces. Pre-heat the frying pan and melt a piece of butter. Always keep the pan on the medium heat. Add chopped tomato and its juice.

2. In most of the recipes, you will be suggested to use cream together with the eggs, but I cannot imaging eating double cream for breakfast. It is too heavy, that is why some kids might even feel dizzy from scrambled eggs. Instead of cream, I use milk, which adds same softness to the texture. Furthermore, I use a blender to beat my eggs and milk until I get lot of foam. This also makes your future dish super tender.

3. Now add your mixture to the frying pan. Here is another trick: to make your scrambled eggs juicy and tender, you need to stir them non-stop until they are cooked. Better to use a wooden spoon. Keep your temperature medium and let the eggs cook slowly. Do not be scared to ruin the perfect look of your mixture - stir it in all directions and as much as you can.

4. Once your eggs mixture has become porridge-like, but is still a bit running - you can take it off the pan and eat with a bit of fresh parsley and salt.

Technic is important, but it is not everything. The real secret of good scrambled eggs is butter. It needs to be the best, always. No matter what you cook, if butter is on the list of ingredients, it needs to be so good, that if you had to put it on a piece of bread and eat just like that, you would not be able to stop eating it... Make it a good habit to have a piece of the most amazing and good quality butter in your fridge...

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