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How Twitter Supported Ariana Grande after Manchester Bombing

Arian Grande it wasn't your fault at all

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1. Take your time to Heal.

@ArianaGrande :( just know it's not your fault! Take your time to heal ❤️❤️❤️


2. Stay Strong.

@ArianaGrande This is #Manchester right now ❤️❤️ Stay strong :)


3. Sending prayers your way.

@ArianaGrande Sending prayers your way <3


4. A heartbreaking incident.

@ArianaGrande My prayers go out to you and all of those affected by this tragedy 😔 this is truly heartbreaking 💔


5. Not your fault.

this is NOT your fault. please stay strong @ArianaGrande


6. Sending love your way.

@ArianaGrande Sending love your way. Never think for a moment that it was your fault ever. I'm sorry that you have…


7. Keep singing.

@ArianaGrande Ariana I want you to carry on as you normally would. Do not let evil win. Keep singing, keep touring and always be happy. Xx


8. You are a victim too.

@ArianaGrande You have NOTHING to be sorry for. We are staring evil in the face. I can't imagine your pain, but th…


9. Please Stay Strong.

@ArianaGrande Please stay strong, and do well to remember that terrorist,s only win if their actions so affect our future..stand strong.



@ArianaGrande This is not your fault. You are a joy-bringer. You are a light. Keep glowing.

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