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    17 Things All Punekars With Mumbai Friends Know To Be True

    *Laughs in low rent*

    1. Every time your Mumbaikar friends take a weekend trip to Pune, you’re reminded of how good your living situation is.

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    Their trips always start with “You pay HOW MUCH for this?! That’s it?!”

    2. When they visit you, it takes you two minutes to make a plan because you can go from one end of Pune to another in an hour.

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    3. ...but when you visit them in Mumbai, you switch three modes of transportation and it still takes you 3-5 business days to get anywhere.

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    4. But at least Mumbai’s public transport shows up on time! You have to emotionally prepare yourself every time you have to take the PMT bus.

    5. We all know who ~really~ has the best food. There's no point in arguing with them over this because Kata Kirr's Misal >>>>>

    Friend orders तिखट मिसळ in Katakirrrr Me:

    6. Speaking of food, Puneri snacks are TO. DIE. FOR. From Chitale’s Bakarwadi to Kayani Bakery’s Shrewsbury biscuits, Puneri snacks can take on Mumbai’s any day of the week, no matter what Rohan from Andheri says.

    @punekar The picture says it all :) :) #ChitaleBandhuMithaiwale #ImSoPuneri

    7. No trip is complete without a 3 am sleep-deprivation-fuelled Nal Stop poha run...

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    ...because chaha-pohe just hits different at 3 am.

    8. FC Road will always be compared to Linking Road and vice versa, whichever city you’re in.

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    9. It doesn’t matter what time of year your Mumbai friends arrive, Pune is always ~colder~ than they expect.

    Warner Bros.

    10. And Mumbai is always hotter than you think.

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    Mumbai’s sweater weather is basically Pune’s chaddi shorts weather.

    11. Your friends are always surprised by how you know someone EVERYWHERE you go.

    My ex’s ex’s ex is hitting on me this is what happens when you live in Pune

    If you’re grabbing a drink at Elephant & Co. and you don’t run into a long lost Tinder match, did you even go?

    12. NH7 Weekender is a whole other deal, where you basically end up partying with ALL your friend groups at once.

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    13. But that’s okay, because at the end of a long (read: drunken) night, you can all crash at your place without the fear of being woken up by the sounds of incessant traffic.


    Pune’s quiet mornings are ~very~ conducive to hangovers.

    14. Not a visit goes by without your Mumbaikar friends making a remark about the number of Symbiosis campuses they spot around town.

    'Where are you sir?: 'Outside Symbiosis' 'Where is the drop?' 'Symbiosis' Boss why is it called Pune and not Symbiosis?

    …and to be fair, you’ve lost count too at this point.

    15. Names of places in Pune will never not be funny to them.

    While we are busy changing names & calling Bombay Mumbai & Bangalore Bengaluru, can we do something about Bhosari here in Pune?

    16. And they will never stop making fun of you if you stay in “Pimple” anything.

    Dharma Productions

    17. But at the end of the day, you’re grateful for your Mumbaikar friends because they remind you of all the wonderful things you take for granted about this beautiful city.


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