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30+ Awesome Photos Of Imagica And SnoMagica That Are Truly Magical

You must be aware of my recent visit of Imagica and Snomagica if you follow me on my social media (especially instagram). Though, I shared lots of photos of Imagica ans snomagica but it was on snapchat and instagram stories which disappeared after 24 hours. For all those who don’t know, Imagica is an amusement park by Adlabs located in Khopoli near Mumbai. It is approx 2 hours drive away from Mumbai. Snomagica is a snow theme park situated right next to imagica which is the main theme park and water park. I totally loved my experience of imagica. First I went to snomagica. It’s a snow park. So, before visiting it I felt it must be a park with fake artificial snow and stuff, but no… it’s a real snow park. The show is of 45 minutes only. There are snow sculptures inside the snomagica, there are snow slides, real igloo and lots more. Then I went to the water park and finally to the imagica. As I mentioned in my previous post (Novotel Imagica Khopoli), it totally gives a disney-landy feeling, when in imagica. Also, the rides that shouldn’t be missed is NITRO, the rollar coster and I for India. Also, the Parade starts at 6 which shouldn’t be missed too.

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