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    17 Signs You Might Be Really Obsessed With Your Cat

    "I don't know, I'm going to have to check with Mittens first..."

    1. You plan ALL social events around them


    You're getting married? Idk. Can I bring my cat? No? Then, no.

    2. Seflies don't seem right without your cat in them


    You don't take pictures with your cat? Weirdo.

    3. Your Instagram looks likes this

    Via Instagram: @cats_of_instagram

    Cats...cats...lunch...more cat.s

    4. You know their exact birth date


    And you get offended when your friends and family do not send cards.

    5. You guys went to visit Santa


    You're still paying for that one...

    6. You actually let them sleep on your keyboard


    Their comfort comes first, right?

    7. You enjoy tucking them in


    Are you warm enough? Can mommy get you another pillow? Should I turn the heater on?

    8. You haven't gotten another cat because you guys are so close and you didn't want to mess that up


    What if he thinks I don't love him anymore?!

    9. You videotape every single thing they do


    Cause they're so cute every second of every day.

    10. You give them anything they ask for


    No matter how ridiculous the demands.

    11. You'll take your cat anywhere


    They can drive too, if they ask nicely. Lol. Like they'd have to ask.

    12. You picked up this light reading

    13. What you watch is solely based on their desires


    You haven't picked the channel in months now.

    14. What's yours, is theirs.


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    15. You're genuinely impressed by their ability to sleep anywhere


    And you tell them that constantly. After taking a picture of them. Which you tweet, post to Facebook and Instagram, and add to the blog you made for them.

    16. You will never cat shame them


    Because they're too cute to ever stay mad at longer than five seconds. Plus, that's so not cool.

    17. You know that all cats are cool, but NO ONE's cat is cooler than yours.

    That's Jasper. AKA the cutest, best, cuddliest, and most awesome cat EVER.

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