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Newbie Guide To Getting A Stylish Temporary Tattoo

Tattoos are a popular fashion statement these days but getting a permanent body art is a lifelong commitment. If you are getting a permanent one then you need to make sure that it is good enough as it is going to be a part of your body. You should take your time to select the design. But if you are not ready for a long commitment then you can also get a temporary tattoo.

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A temporary tattoo looks similar to a permanent one but it is either a sticker or made with the help of brush or paint and it disappears after a few days or weeks. There are three kinds of temporary body art available.

Metallic Jewelry:

In these tattoos, there is no ink used. They are printed on the body by using a foil stamping technique and they are also a variant of decal-style impermanent tattoos. These are a stylish choice as they give the impression of silver and gold jewelry. The design of the foil is made as the mirror image which means that it can be seen in the correct direction as it is put on the skin. These tattoos are protected with a protective layer that is transparent. It can last for three to six days before it starts diminishing. As they give an impression of wearing jewelry some of the popular designs are a necklace, bracelets, ankle bracelets, armbands etc.

Airbrush Tattoos:

These are a popular choice when it comes to temporary tattoos but it is not just expensive but least likely to bear resemblance to the real tattoos. They require more investment than other temporary options but the results are less satisfying. They also last less than the press-on ones. They are sprays on the skin with the help of stencil which is used with an alcohol based cosmetic inks which are FDA approved. They are easy to remove just like the decal tattoos by rubbing baby oil and or simply by rubbing alcohol. These tattoos can be made to last longer by repeatedly applying baby talc on it.

Henna Tattoos:

The henna tattoo is also a popular choice for temporary body work and it does not contain any additives. It is a substance taken from plants and it applied on the skin creating an orange-brown and reddish color. The natural color of the henna is not similar to the decal temporary tattoos. Applying the henna designs can be a time-consuming activity but if you dedicate your time to it you will be able to produce excellent designs. You can create intricate and complex designs but you can also have simple designs. If you are using henna it is important that you select the natural one because it is considered the safest option for the skin. Avoid using the products with additives because it can cause a reaction and harm the skin. The mixture of henna after being applied to the skin needs to be left on for a few hours to get the best color.

If you are ready for a permanent tattoo then these are your best options.

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