21 Secrets Food Bloggers Will Never Tell You

    It's all sooo delicious, right?

    1. Perfection takes time.

    2. Food bloggers don't own hundreds of pretty tables.

    3. Everything is researched.

    4. It's a blog-eat-blog world.

    5. Restaurant launches are pantomimes.

    6. More food = more squats.

    7. Eating is the fun bit – there's a lot of behind the scenes work that needs doing.

    8. Leftovers are never left over.

    9. Less is more.

    10. There's no such thing as free time.

    11. Being a food writer doesn't guarantee culinary skill.

    12. Ingredients are a luxury, but fancy props aren't.

    13. Posing for phoney action shots isn't really much fun.

    14. Building followers is all about interaction.

    15. The work never stops.

    16. A whole night eating means spending the next day on the toilet.

    17. Creative licence can be stretched.

    18. Blogging is for love, not money.

    19. Pets sometimes force their way into the action.

    20. Where food bloggers gather there's always booze.

    21. Whatever needs blogging needs eating.