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21 Secrets Food Bloggers Will Never Tell You

It's all sooo delicious, right?

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1. Perfection takes time.

"The visual is as much a part of a food experience as the taste, so I take my time when shooting photos. Only when I'm happy with the photos can anyone dig in, by which time the food is usually going cold." – Eshé Brown, Foodie Eshé


5. Restaurant launches are pantomimes.

"When restaurants have invite-only launches, they rarely serve anything that resembles a full menu. It's like judging the whole of David Bowie's career by The Laughing Gnome." – Jonathan Swain, The Plate Licked Clean

7. Eating is the fun bit – there's a lot of behind the scenes work that needs doing.

"Most of my spare time is spent doing blog admin (planning, emailing, social media, travelling etc.), not to mention going to restaurants, photographing meals and writing posts." – Lauren Archer, Scran on the Tyne


13. Posing for phoney action shots isn't really much fun.

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"You see photos of me scattering ingredients from great heights mid-laugh, but I'm not really laughing. It's so awkward, but it adds life to stills." – Michael Bell, Mikey and the Kitchen

14. Building followers is all about interaction.

"Building an audience is a hard slog. You spend hours engaging and interacting with followers on Twitter and Facebook and pushing posts on Instagram." – Chris Gower, Eating Exeter

16. A whole night eating means spending the next day on the toilet.

"Sometimes, restaurants want me to try a variety of things, bombarding my stomach with spicy, savoury, sweet and acidic dishes all at once. I've suffered for my restaurant indulgences the day after." – Eshé Brown, Foodie Eshé


17. Creative licence can be stretched.

"I have stolen recipes, but I've never published a stolen recipe without crediting or tweaking it as necessary. A recipe only exists if it’s being passed on." – Michael Bell, Mikey and the Kitchen

18. Blogging is for love, not money.

"Any money I make goes back into the blog for things like props, camera equipment, ingredients, designs and overpriced raw smoothies to photograph for Instagram." – Charlotte Clarke, The London Blog

21. Whatever needs blogging needs eating.

"I regularly eat cake for dinner, biscotti for lunch or fruit crumble for breakfast. I spend so much time recipe testing that the results often replace my meals." – Lucy Burton, Pudding Lane