Who Looked The WEIRDEST At The “Les Mis” Premiere?

It was like one big weird-off between Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, and Samantha Barks. I don’t understand.

1. Oh, what’s that? A bunch of actresses swanning about in gowns on a red carpet?

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

The odds of actresses wearing anything interesting on a red carpet are generally pretty slim. But let’s just humor ourselves and zoom in on this trinity of Les Mis-ies.

2. Why, there’s something ragingly weird about all of these dresses!

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

Let’s examine each one individually.

3. First: Anne Hathaway.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

Weird outfit elements: The batwing sleeves; the dotted lines running up and down the dress, making her look like a kid’s crafting project.

4. The dress is from Givenchy’s spring 2012 couture collection.

And as you can see, Anne could have gotten MUCH weirder with it. I can’t fathom why she didn’t want the bejeweled pacifier. When batwing sleeves fail, that kind of thing really gets people talking!

5. Next: Amanda Seyfried.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

Weird outfit elements: Large, floppy asymmetrical ruffles that fight for attention with her plunging neckline and cleavage; overall feeling of a Hostess cupcake homage.

6. Balenciaga put this dress on the runway for the spring 2013 show.

And did not pair it with platform pumps, which feel incredibly tired and dated-looking.

7. And finally: Samantha Barks.

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

Weird Outfit Elements: The mesh-filled cutouts that are awkwardly curved and extended at the sides all the way up to her armpits. On the other hand, this shows off a green juice–honed six pack without revealing an unsightly belly button, should she have one.

Her dress is by Stella McCartney and doesn’t appear to be a runway look (if I’m wrong, post the photo in comments!).

But anyway, as you can see, these three actresses fought a pretty major battle for red-carpet fashion cred and overall attention.

8. So, who looked the weirdest/like they tried the hardest?

Stuart Wilson / Getty Images

I’m going with Anne, but feel free to dispute me in the comments!

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