What’s Less Appetizing Than This Cake?

Important question: Would you rather eat a cake with Terry Richardson’s face on it or one of these other gross cakes?

1. For some reason, Terry Richardson ended up in possession of this cake with his likeness frosted onto it.

It’s not Terry’s birthday, and fashion is generally averse to baked goods that aren’t being used as “look how sexy I am around frosting” props. This appears to involve neither of those preferred cake uses, so adjust the randomness of all this right now and keep scrolling.

2. Either someone actually ate this cake or just pretended to.

The only thing fashion people love more than being skinny is pretending to eat highly caloric food, which is why Instagram exists.

3. There were also Terry cookies.

Frosted in Terry’s signature plaid and bearing his favorite shades (which, for the record, aren’t yellow IRL, thankfully).

4. And this boob cake.

Because if Terry were a girl this is what would be all over his blog? Who knows.

5. So, would you rather eat the Terry desserts or this cake with messy Barbie on top?

6. Terry cake or… mouth cake?

7. Terry cake or toilet cake?

Put messy Barbie on this and you’ve got a scene straight out of Purple.

8. Terry cake or butt cake?

It’s not often you come upon a cake and think, is this NSFW?

9. Terry cake or ombré cake?

Ombré cake will never look appetizing to me. But maybe that’s just me.

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