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What Do You Think Of Nicki Minaj's New KMart Line?

It's Kardashian tight but breathable thanks to all the shirts stopping well above the belly button.

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1. Here's a first look at the line Nicki Minaj "designed" for KMart.

Designed, in the celebrity sense of the word, tends to means she put her name on it and got videotaped tugging at the clothes to make it look like she actually DID design them. It's the same thing Rihanna did for River Island, you know?


7. It comes in multiple colorways.

"I definitely didn't want people to think, 'Oh, well she's just going to have crazy stuff in her line,' because that would push them away," Nicki explains. "I'm doing this for women in general... Any woman can wear it and feel confident."

But what about outside of a Mardi Gras float?

9. Here's a video of Nicki discusing the leggings and everything else in this line.

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Unclear if her white sweatsuit and pink tee figure into it at all.