Watch Lena Dunham’s New Short YouTube Film

Is this finally the internet fashion film that will go really viral?

1. This is the short film Lena Dunham made to promote designer Rachel Antonoff’s fall 2013 line.

A lot of fashion labels make internet videos to promote their products, and usually they don’t go viral because they’re too long and pointless. But! This one has a lot going for it, like:

1. Lena Dunham directed it.
2. Adam from Girls narrates it.
3. Lena Dunham directed it.
4. Lena Dunham’s little sister is in it. You might recognize her from Tiny Furniture.
5. Hipster bed linens.
6. Cute clothes.
7. A long-winded line about “anthropomorphizing bears.”
8. But most importantly, again: Lena Dunham.


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