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    Victoria's Secret Angels Unikely To Stay Angels Past Age 28

    Miranda Kerr is 30 so do the math in "Angel" years.

    This week news broke that Victoria's Secret "Angel" Miranda Kerr would no longer be an "Angel." Rumor had it that the brand divested the model of her wings because she's difficult, expensive, and doesn't sell enough underwear to be worth it. After Us Weekly broke the news, her public relations team went into damage control mode, claiming that the real reason she wouldn't be an "Angel" anymore is because she has so much other stuff going on and just can't possibly fit it into her schedule, but will be in this year's fashion show anyway.

    This morning, Good Morning America rehashed the speculation about what's really going on with this incredibly important news item, noting that Kerr will turn 30 later this month. Now, if you look back at some of the brand's famous "Angels" you'll see that they have a point: the average age of retirement from commercial mall brand lingerie "Angel"-dom is 28.375, based on the eight ladies pictured here. So seems like Kerr may as well push a walker down that runway, far as the world of VS modeling is concerned.

    Art by John Gara.