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This "Project Runway" Ad Was Banned From L.A. Billboards

If even L.A. is refusing to run it, you'd think it must be pretty bad.

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The Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety banned this ad for being "obscene."

According to Variety, "It was not immediately clear whether a city org formally rejected Lifetime’s efforts to erect billboards with the racy image, or whether the cabler ran into roadblocks with private sellers of outdoor advertising space."

What IS immediately clear: a lot of photoshopping went into these ads.

Here's a behind-the-scenes shot from Heidi's Twitter feed. 1. How much do she and Tim Gunn totally hate each other after 12 seasons of this? And 2. Was the nudist colony photoshopped into the images after she and Tim were photographed? Or did the photo crew just not leave them to fester cold and naked on the floor while the shot was being set up?

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