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The Latest Fashion Model Fitness Craze: Facial Yoga

It's just like exercising — but without doing any exercise at all.

You are surely asking yourself, why, what on earth are these people doing?

It's yoga — of the face! So instead of working out your body the way you do in most yoga classes, you work out your face. Because when it's all over you're supposed to look like you've just gotten a face lift. Just like how your butt looks like it's two inches higher on your body after you do two dozen lunges. (Ha ha no.)

BuzzFeed Fashion was unable to independently confirm whether or not most of the people doing facial yoga "need" face lifts. However, VFiles bravely went INSIDE the bizarre fitness fad to film fashion model Xiao Wen Ju's facial yoga routine. It should be noted that the adorable model is 20 but can easily pass for at least six years younger than that. Is that because of facial yoga? Who can say! But if you want to get in on the craze that could very well knock zumba on its ass, know that it apparently involves an instructor, sun salutations, and savasana, just like regular yoga. The only real difference is that all the things that suck about regular yoga get replaced with facial acrobatics that don't look so bad at all.

This is how it works.

First, make your face look like it's melting.

Then pretend to chew with your mouth open.

Than yank your chin and shake your head "no."

Then chew more politely with your mouth closed.

But remember: NO FOOD in facial yoga. This is a fashionable pursuit and you can't involve food, you silly goose.

Then blow kisses.

And the finale: a fish face.

Finish with a sun salutation and savasana, use your newly taut visage to get on a Bravo show, and repeat the entire facial yoga process from the beginning.

Here's a video of the entire process.

View this video on YouTube

H/t VFiles.

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