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    The Art Of Wearing Adorable Tiny Rings

    Ring parties are the new arm parties. This is the best new trend ever.

    1. Tiny rings are incredibly versatile, not to mention adorable.

    2. You can get skulls.

    3. Hearts.

    4. Or anchors.

    5. Mix and match for the perfect stacked look.



    8. Pair with other chunkier pieces, like bracelets and statement rings.

    9. Wear all gold.

    10. Or mix gold and silver.


    12. Dress up a couple fingers.

    13. Or many.

    14. Or even just one.

    15. They go nicely below the knuckle.

    16. Or above.

    17. Bejeweled.

    18. Or just simple bands.

    19. How great is this trend?

    20. Every shape looks good on a tiny ring.



    23. And tiny rings bring out any manicure.

    24. So pile them on.

    25. Have a ring party.



    28. Tiny rings are a subtle yet impactful enhancement for any look.

    29. You'll never look at your fingers the same way again.