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    The 21 Worst Fashion Trends At Coachella

    Coachella: where men wear capes instead of shirts, fringe wears fringe, and shoes are terrifyingly forgotten.

    1. Showing up in a full, totally random costume.

    2. Carrying blow-up sea creatures as accessories.

    3. Carrying phallic blow-up things as accessories.

    4. Unnecessary headdresses.

    5. Going topless.

    6. Wristband "arm parties."

    7. Bathing suits and Hula-Hoops.

    8. Bathing suits as clothes.

    9. These floral headband things.


    11. Extreme fringe.

    12. Embellished bras as tops.

    13. Making this face at a camera.

    14. Intensely printed leggings/bodysuits.

    15. Not wearing shoes.

    16. Guys who wear capes instead of tops.

    17. American flag paraphernalia.

    18. Covering your mouth and wearing sunglasses.

    19. Men in feminine accessories.

    20. And of course, this guy.

    21. Isn't Coachella the GREATEST?

    Or not.