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Miuccia Prada Served With Shoe Karma

The fashion designer — arguably the most influential living today — is a host of the Met Ball taking place in New York this evening. But she might not attend, she told the press, because she hurt herself on her platform shoes.

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Each year the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York holds a giant party sponsored by Vogue to unveil the Costume Institute's latest fashion exhibit. It's all terribly fancy and exclusive, and is home to what is probably the best red carpet of the year. (It's got just about the star power of the Oscars, but is actually better than that in my opinion since the people who go are supposed to look fashionable instead of just plain safe, which results in crazier-looking outfits.) Prada is the focus of the Costume Institute's exhibit, and she's hosting the ball that unveils it tonight, but the famously press-shy designer might not attend after "falling off her high-rise platform shoes," the International Herald Tribune reports. She's been resting at her hotel, in fact. But this is not just a horrible accident — this is SHOE KARMA!

One of Prada's most memorable fashion shows from the past few years took place in September of 2008 in Milan; in it, two models fell and many more stumbled and flailed embarrassingly because they had to wear their heels with socks and it was a very slippery situation. Fashion critic Hillary Alexander noted the "fear in the models eyes" and called the show "quite distressing to watch." She's right — it is! Have a look for yourself:

Almost a year after the infamous fall fest, W magazine asked her how she felt about it. Her answer was upsetting:

“I liked it,” she said, smiling, careless of her teen models’ obvious anxiety. “It made the show more interesting.”

So if she's not going to the ball tonight because she hurt herself on her shoe? Well, maybe she had it coming.