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Kim Kardashian Called "Fat" 37% More Often Since Getting Pregnant

Also: "whale" or "big Kim." The internet/world is so rude.

This graph shows how frequently Kim Kardashian has been called fat in a headline.

BuzzFeed's data team analyzed articles published to our more than 2,000 partner sites to see if Kim Kardashian is indeed being called "fat" more often now that she's pregnant. The results? She most definitely is.

The above graph shows how often Kim's name appeared in a headline with the word "fat" or "whale" or the phrase "weight gain." The data team also looked for the phrase "big Kim" in headlines. In the four months prior to announcing her pregnancy, which Kanye did at New Year's, her name appeared in headlines with those terms 100 times. In the first four months of her pregnancy, her name appeared with those terms 137 times — or 37 percent more often than pre-pregnant Kim.

So, what does this mean? That the media is mean. But amazingly, they finally gave everyone a reason to defend Kim Kardashian. So maybe this will actually work out well for her. You know she has a Weight Watchers endorsement deal coming anyway.

Jason Merritt / Getty Images
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