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    Kate Upton's Back In The Victoria's Secret Catalog

    In other news, the VS casting director is now going by "Captain Obvious."

    After the Victoria's Secret's fashion show casting director said she "would never use" Kate Upton in the show, here she is on the back cover of a new Victoria's Secret catalog. / Via

    That casting director, Sophia Neophitou, called Upton's look "too obvious," whatever that means. Well, maybe her recent Vogue cover has caused the VS casting lords to rethink their model lineup because here's Upton in all her obviousness not just in the catalog but on the back cover no less. Who's Captain Obvious now, eh, VS?

    Despite that slam, Upton has previously appeared in the catalog. Here she is modeling PJs in 2011.

    Casting for the catalog and fashion show are seen as two very different things to the fashion community. There's a lot of cross-over but it's not a fully symbiotic relationship.

    When these photos were taken she had to be around 18 or 19.

    This was before she became a big deal via Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, her first cover for which dropped in 2012.

    The VS fashion show casting director can talk as much smack as she wants, but Upton clearly had the "just casually regarding the hem of this animal print" pose down pat.

    To say nothing of her, "Can you see my belly button now?" pose.

    Does she look a little like Taylor Swift in the face to anyone else here?

    Like any good multi-faceted model, she also gave her all to some bras in those early years. Yellow bras:

    Leopard bra and panty sets:

    Speckled bras:

    Every color of the Easter egg, really.

    And she wouldn't be a proper lingerie model without mastering the, "I'm cold, can I have my shirt back now?" glare.

    And if that's not enough of Kate's... talents for you, you'll have to follow her on Twitter, where she posts photos like this.

    And if you don't feel like scrolling through her feed, the Fashion Spot has been dutifully chronicling her parlor tricks for years. Have fun!