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Kate Middleton Attends Wedding, Attempts To Not Overshadow Bride

How else to explain her plain, previously worn outfit?

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Kate Middleton attended the wedding of polo player Mark Tomlinson and Olympic dressage gold medalist Laura Bechtolsheimer over the weekend in the Swiss Alps.

Kate only wore pieces she's been spotted in before, including a MaxMara dress (not visible here) that she is said to have worn publicly first in November. Repeating outfits seems to be her M.O. when it comes to attending weddings that are not her own. This somewhat minimizes the fuss she causes when she goes out of the house, allowing the bride to retain as much limelight as possible. Because obviously, now that she's pregnant, if she went anywhere wearing a new outfit, bump ablaze, everyone would hate her for being so self-centered.

Kidding! There's not really anything she can do at this point to minimize the frenzy over her out-of-palace presence. Just wear McQueen and tiaras from here on out, Kate. No one will think worse of you.