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    Kanye West's Brief History Of Cross-Dressing

    He's always worn ladies' things on occasion. So let's not get our panties in a twist about his "skirtgate" of 12-12-12.

    At the 12-12-12 Sandy relief concert Wednesday night, Kanye West performed wearing a leather a-line skirt over his leather pants.

    Kanye wearing ladies' Phillip Lim:

    Kanye also titillated the fashion community when he wore this women's Celine blouse in January.

    Here's how that blouse looked on the runway.

    And what of Kanye's love of tunic tops?

    And check this one out: leather pants with asymmetrical pockets, plus a gray dress layered under a hoodie under a fur coat.

    This past year he also wore this dress-like get-up.

    And in 2011, he performed wearing the same leather skirt he wore on 12-12-12.