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Justin Bieber Defends Controversial Overalls

He didn't have time to change after his gig. Duh!

After wearing a shockingly casual and generally puzzling pair of seersucker overalls to meet the Canadian prime minister on Friday, Bieber responded to the backlash against the outfit on Instagram. Using some condescending "unnecessary quotes," he singled out Hayley Peterson, who writes for the Daily Mail.

Is she not the luckiest girl in the world? I think so. Bieber took time to pay attention to her on social media, which is a huge, jealousy-inducing deal.

Anyway, now that we've cleared up why Bieber looked so casual before Canada's PM (none of his handlers carry changes of clothes to the hockey arena, C'MON GUYS), we now need to figure out why his stylist is so obsessed with droopy-crotched pants and why this stylist allows that aesthetic to extend to overalls. Overalls, for the record, didn't even do former pop princes 'N Sync any favors.

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