Here Are Some New Photos Of Gisele’s Body Looking Completely Ridiculous

Ridiculously taut and MILF-y, obviously.

1. First, Gisele took to social media to flaunt her new lingerie collection.

It’s like Brazil’s Victoria’s Secret. But maybe less, well, tacky.

2. You’d do the same thing if you looked like this a couple months after giving birth for the second time.

Hopefully you would refrain from putting ties on the sides of the panties in your lingerie range, because you’d realize they would just lead to some really gnarly underwear lines. But you’d be forgiven for such an oversight because, if you looked like this, why would you ever wear real clothes?

3. In this Brazilian Vogue editorial, released around the same time as the lingerie pix, Gisele basically only wears wide, stretchy resistance bands you find in some exercise classes.

4. Along with splashing water.

5. And lots of grease.

6. Because again: wouldn’t you?

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