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Barack Obama Takes Beyonce's Fashion Advice

Unlike Mitt Romney, Barack remembered the all-important, Beyoncé-endorsed tie dimple.

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Mitt Romney may have won the debate Wednesday night, but the unofficial best-dressed contest is scored by a different set of judges! According to GQ, which offers a detailed analysis of Romney and Obama's looks, Romney's outfit failed significantly in two ways:

1. His suit "suffered from black hole syndrome," because "[h]is lapels seemed to blend into the body of his jacket." Meanwhile, "Obama avoided the same thing thanks to the pick stitching running along his lapels."

2. Romney's tie was — horrors — dimple-less. "Romney came out fighting with his red striped power tie, immediately snagging our attention over obama's [sic] micro pattern indigo number," the magazine writes. "But did you see that dimple POTUS was sporting? That's a GQ cover-worthy knot."

It's also a Beyoncé-worthy knot. Tie dimples are a cornerstone of the well-dressed man, as she notes in her classic hit "Upgrade U." Lyrics (emphasis mine):

Audemars Piguet watch
Dimples in ya necktie

Hermes briefcase

Cartier top clips

Silk lined blazers

Diamond creamed facials

VVS cuff links

6 star pent suites

Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z are Obama fundraisers, so this all makes perfect sense.