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A GIF Tutorial To Designing Clothes Like Rihanna

Step one: stick your tongue out. Step two: touch a sleeve.

1. First, establish that other people's ideas are just so, "WTF?"

Clearly no one knows what they're doing. You'll have to take over.

2. Then, learn what top stitching is.

You're a designer — you need to know these big fancy designer terms.

(For the record: top stitching.)

3. Then, assemble a wall of camo pieces that look more or less the same. Contemplate these pieces.

Decide one can never have too many camo things.

4. To assert your prowess as a clothing maker, you'll need to do fittings on a model.

You'll need to explain to your factory workers that this sweatsuit is just not draped right at all. You know about these things because you're wearing a glamorous sweatsuit of your own.

5. But it's important to maintain a sense of fun. So act like whoever didn't cut the crop top short enough was playing a joke on you.

"Come on now guys — we talked about this! No shirts that hang past the ribcage. LOL."

6. Then make sure everyone knows how great your work is because you want to wear all of it.

Never mind that you're the only person in the world who could wear all of it.

7. Then giggle like a young innocent who found this to be all fun and no work.

Because hey, designing clothes is no big deal. Anyone can pick it up in a day!

Rihanna's fall 2013 River Island collection will be upon us soon. If you have time to watch the above GIF sequence as a video, here it is.

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