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    9 Totally Amazing Printed Leggings

    These surely won't look good on anyone at all, but they're at least fun to look at. All by Some Product (and some product, indeed!).

    1. Karl Lagerfeld-on-the-upper-thigh leggings: $145.

    For the rare person who at once wants to wear Karl Lagerfeld's face and draw attention to their upper thighs.

    And spend $175 on leggings.

    (For the record: this person doesn't exist.)

    2. Cat leggings: $75

    3. "Pearl Earring" leggings: $75.

    Girl with the pearl knee ring.

    No one tell Amanda Bynes about this.

    4. Marie Antoinette leggings: $75.

    5. "The Kiss" leggings: $75.

    Appropriate to wear to a hippie dippie "feel the love" EDM summer festival and that's about it.

    6. "The Swing": $75.

    This is the description: "Fragonard called it “The Happy Accidents of the Swing.” We call it “I had a few too many drinks and accidently fell off a swing.” We know you’ve been there. Stumble home in style in our graphic leggings that are silky, comfortable at the waist, and made with only the finest Italian fabrics."

    Did I mention these are made in Canada?

    7. "Lazy Sunday" leggings: $75.

    Open secret: you don't need to spend $75 to get lazy Sunday leggings. Because every pair of leggings qualifies as "lazy Sunday leggings."

    8. Leggings that make it look like you're wearing thigh-high sweater socks: $75.

    9. And finally, "Dog Master" leggings: $75.

    This is the cast of terrible reality show Dog the Bounty Hunter "portrayed as the poster for the film The Master." It's like an internet entertainment blog threw up on your legs.