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    9 New Things To Know About "Vogue" Cover Girl Kate Upton

    See her like you've never seen her before: in a one-piece.

    After months of rumors, Kate Upton has finally landed on the cover of American Vogue, which declared her our Earth's "hottest supermodel."

    1. She gives up on her ab exercises.

    2. She didn't buy magazines with models on the covers growing up because she "didn't know them."

    3. "In 2012, she was the fourth-most-popular search on Yahoo," Vogue reports, "just behind Election, iPhone5, and Kim Kardashian."

    4. She signed with IMG — basically the best modeling agency in the world — after she called them and told them to sign her.

    5. She won IMG over by saying she knew she wouldn't make it as a model unless she was a celebrity.

    6. Upton wants to start her own lingerie line.

    7. She only eats what "swims or flies."

    8. She's not uber-recognizable in person.

    9. She says, "It was hard at first," when people started calling her fat.