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9 New Things To Know About "Vogue" Cover Girl Kate Upton

See her like you've never seen her before: in a one-piece.

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After months of rumors, Kate Upton has finally landed on the cover of American Vogue, which declared her our Earth's "hottest supermodel."

And Vogue doesn't dole out compliments like that regularly. They're like a graduation — you have to wait about four years for the next one to come along.

The profile is fluffy as expected but includes some semi-interesting factoids about everyone's favorite hot blond, like:

1. She gives up on her ab exercises.

Her personal trainer David Krisch is like a drill sergeant, determined to get Kate in shape prior to each shoot. Vogue goes along to observe one of her workouts five days before her cover shoot in Uruguay, and at the very end of an ab exercise with an exercise ball Upton's like, enough. "I can't," she says.

2. She didn't buy magazines with models on the covers growing up because she "didn't know them."

This is what propelled her to become not just a model, but a celebrity. Though I hasten to add Upton is all of 20 years old —born in 1992 — which means she was just 8 years old when the supermodel craze was about done.


4. She signed with IMG — basically the best modeling agency in the world — after she called them and told them to sign her.

“I always had career goals," Upton told Vogue. "And I figured out a path I wanted to take to accomplish those goals. If that meant calling the best modeling agency in the world, that’s what it meant.”

5. She won IMG over by saying she knew she wouldn't make it as a model unless she was a celebrity.

Kim Kardashian understood the very same thing: she wouldn't be able to have a Sears line, for instance, if she wasn't really, really, really famous.

6. Upton wants to start her own lingerie line.

Don't expect it to be for Victoria's Secret, though, because their fashion show casting director has already trashed her hard in the New York Times. Bet that lady's happy with how that turned out!!!

7. She only eats what "swims or flies."

Per the instructions of her personal trainer, who Vogue helpfully notes "looks a little bit like Mr. Clean," Upton only eats "anything that flies or swims." (Poultry, fish.) So re: her Carl's Jr. cheeseburger ads: "No," she tells the magazine, "I can't do that." Hide your shock, guys.

8. She's not uber-recognizable in person.

Her girl-next-door vibe is so strong that when Vogue enjoys a meal (salmon) with her, no one seems to notice that the most famous woman ever to lick a popsicle and wear a flag bikini at the same time is sitting next to them.

(Having seen her in person at Monday's Met Ball, I can attest to this — there's something shockingly normal about her in person.)

9. She says, "It was hard at first," when people started calling her fat.

“You sit there and you’re like ‘Is something wrong with me?’ ” she told Vogue. But now she laughs it off: "It’s kind of funny to think, Oh, wow, the news is talking about whether I’m fat or not.”

And really, that in the news? Is a major LOL.