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27 New Rules For Dressing From London

London Fashion Week is known for being wacky in the most awesome way. Let's see what tips those Brits have for dressing next spring.

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1. Underboob is the new sideboob.


Pairs best with shorts that have a matching chiffon overlay.

This look is by a label called, quite perfectly, "MAN." Can I just say what a pity it is that the images are only easily viewable on I mean...

13. Carry your matching fanny pack on your shoulder.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

See, it's not fanny packs that are the faux pas — it's wearing them like a belt that's the problem.

Tip via Mark Fast.

14. Cover a perfectly sexy vest with a perfectly un-sexy cape.

Tim Whitby / Getty Images

I don't know why you never thought to hit the town dressed like Batman before, guys.

By Mark Fast.

19. Use seams to make your breasts abundantly clear.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images

I think this is what every cleavage-obsessed Real Housewife is missing in the winter months — a breasty skirt suit that keeps the chill out.

Also by Burberry.

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