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    23 Reasons Leggings Are The Worst

    Was there ever a more confusing and confused item of clothing? I think not.

    1. Lots of pairs are secretly see-through.

    2. They don't look good in printed fabrics. / Via

    These are "Napoleon Bonaparte" leggings.

    3. Cat faces just look stupid on them.

    4. They're poor contenders for embellishment.

    5. And cutouts.

    6. They don't ever look as good with tunic tops as they're supposed to.

    7. Or dresses.

    Tights are always a better option.

    8. You will look awkwardly pantsless if you wear them in "nude."

    9. They don't fit properly into any one clothing category.

    Not "activewear," not "bottoms," and certainly not "pants."

    10. A lot of women do yoga in them without realizing they're completely see-through when they bend over for downward dog.

    11. They lead to ingrown hairs.

    Especially if you are going a week at a time without shaving your legs in the winter.

    12. The Kardashians have ruined them forever by putting them in their Sears "Kollection."

    13. They even make beautiful actresses like Anne Hathaway look terrible.


    Cropped leggings are even worse offenders than long leggings.

    14. They spawned jeggings.

    15. And MEGGINGS.

    (These are $11 from We Love Colors.)

    16. And... MEJEGGINGS.

    17. They cause camel toe.

    Even the genius designer Marc Jacobs is against this.

    18. And "moose knuckle."

    19. They don't ever make your butt look good.

    20. If you try to resell used ones on eBay you'll look like the biggest creep.

    21. They can only be "epic" in a bad way, really.

    Get yours here! Except don't.

    22. They look even worse in shiny fabrics.

    These "beer leggings" from Black Milk don't even look flattering on this super-skinny model. It's hard to imagine the plight they'd bring to normal people with more than three ounces of body fat.

    23. And lastly, leggings are the worst because "liquid leggings" are indisputably the most annoying item of clothing to become popular so far this century. / Via

    The fashion industry has convinced us that they look good on anyone when, in FACT, they look good on just about no one.


    Even Victoria Beckham.