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    20 Pairs Of Uggs That Will Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

    Or at least, footwear just generally.

    1. "Chanel" Uggs

    2. Jimmy Choo Uggs

    3. Embroidered Uggs

    4. Lace-up Uggs

    5. Batman Uggs

    6. Ed Hardy Uggs

    7. Uggs designed by Demi Lovato

    8. Uggs designed by Selena Gomez

    9. Uggs Designed by Rachael Ray

    10. One Direction Uggs

    11. Iridescent Pink Sequin Uggs

    12. Denim Uggs

    13. Floral Uggs

    14. Western Uggs

    15. Pastel Logo Uggs

    16. Space Uggs

    17. Hello Kitty Uggs

    18. Custom Bedazzled Uggs

    19. Crystal and Pearl Uggs

    20. Justin Bieber Painted Uggs

    And no, "Uggs" aren't even a good look on adorable kitties.