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19 Cute Pajamas To Wear On Those Days You Just Want To Do Nothing

With the weather getting colder, you're probably getting less and less interested in leave your bed, apartment, or couch. So now's a great time to update whatever it is you wear when you do nothing but laze about and watch Housewives. Here are some ideas.

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1. Neon satin pants.

Pajamas are a great way to wear whatever trends you secretly want to wear but would never want to be seen in publicly. Like: neon satin pants! These are by Juicy Couture for $78.

2. Rompers are really fun for sleep but you probably don't think of them as PJs.

If you don't wear rompers out in the world because you feel like they show too much leg, but have always wanted to include them in your wardrobe, sleep rompers are a great way to go. This leopard mesh one is by Juicy Couture and costs $45. (It's also available in a more subdued purple, if for some odd reason you wanted to be more subdued.)

Remember, if your PJs are cute and opaque enough, you can just wear them around as an outfit.

Pajama-inspired looks are a fashion trend. You can't even tell if this popular Pinterest image is of PJs or "real clothes."

10. A hipster would totally wear this pajama shirt to work.

The set is from Asos (shirt is $42.22). I like it because the shorts aren't so short that you wouldn't want to wear them in front of your roommates or other random house guests (hello, Christmas visitors!).

11. But what everyone secretly really wants for sleep/lounging is a great nightgown.

This is also from Asos and costs $86.91. It has awesome pockets so you don't lose your phone or remote in the couch cracks.

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