19 Cute Pajamas To Wear On Those Days You Just Want To Do Nothing

With the weather getting colder, you’re probably getting less and less interested in leave your bed, apartment, or couch. So now’s a great time to update whatever it is you wear when you do nothing but laze about and watch Housewives. Here are some ideas.

1. Neon satin pants.

Pajamas are a great way to wear whatever trends you secretly want to wear but would never want to be seen in publicly. Like: neon satin pants! These are by Juicy Couture for $78.

Get the matching cami if you really want to Go There.

It’s by Juicy also, and $58.

2. Rompers are really fun for sleep but you probably don’t think of them as PJs.

If you don’t wear rompers out in the world because you feel like they show too much leg, but have always wanted to include them in your wardrobe, sleep rompers are a great way to go. This leopard mesh one is by Juicy Couture and costs $45. (It’s also available in a more subdued purple, if for some odd reason you wanted to be more subdued.)

3. Put on a pair of heels and you could wear this as your Rihanna Halloween costume next year.

From Nasty Gal for $168.

4. Rainbow circle harem pants.

From Romwe. You could definitely wear these from bed to the egg sandwich place and back to your couch on a Saturday morning. They’re $66.

5. Neon accented harem pants.

Just because it’s winter that doesn’t mean you have to put your neon away. These are $40 at Romwe.

6. If you want pants with an unexpected print, try these.

Just $40 from Etsy.

7. Tie-dyed bath robe.

These are $68 at the tie-dyed shop. Enjoy the spirit of Coachella every time you get out of the shower.

8. Get a matching look for your dog.

From Etsy for $17.

Remember, if your PJs are cute and opaque enough, you can just wear them around as an outfit.

Pajama-inspired looks are a fashion trend. You can’t even tell if this popular Pinterest image is of PJs or “real clothes.”

9. These blue printed PJs have enough design merit to basically look like clothes.

From Asos for $98.50.

10. A hipster would totally wear this pajama shirt to work.

The set is from Asos (shirt is $42.22). I like it because the shorts aren’t so short that you wouldn’t want to wear them in front of your roommates or other random house guests (hello, Christmas visitors!).

11. But what everyone secretly really wants for sleep/lounging is a great nightgown.

This is also from Asos and costs $86.91. It has awesome pockets so you don’t lose your phone or remote in the couch cracks.

12. It’s worth noting that ASOS is a great resource for sleepwear and underwear, generally.

Look at this cute bird-print bra and panty set! It’s fun but not heinously tacky, as lingerie tends to get.

13. Back to nightgowns, here’s one with planet print.

From Topshop, $40.

14. If you want to be stylish at bedtime, try this cold-shoulder dress.

Also from Topshop; it’s $80.

15. And if you want to look like a cat when you sleep, you might want this footed onesie.

From Etsy for $50.

16. Or this fuzzy robe that has ears on the hood.

But seriously, how cozy does this look? Not enough loungewear comes with hoods. From Topshop for $60.

17. Get a matching look for the dog.

Who has animal ears and doesn’t need the hood. This is $21 on Etsy.

18. And if you’re more traditional with PJs, try this blue shirt and shorts look.

They’re by Juicy Couture and available on Shopbop. (Shirt is $98, shorts are $36.40.)

19. And if your cat happens to be some freak kind of cat that willingly wears clothes, you can pick up some PJs for her, too.

This cat onesie is from Etsy and costs $25.

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