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    14 Reasons Why Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Has It So Much Better Than You

    Over the past few years the fashion world has decided to say eff you to dogs and gucci goo (sorry, had to) to cats. The most famous feline of them all is Chanel and Fendi designer Karl Lagerfeld's fluffy white ball of divinity named Choupette. Here's why her life is superior to everyone else's.

    1. Her designated sitting places are elegantly labeled.

    2. She is the only living thing fabulous enough to keep Karl's ego in check.

    3. She has maids.

    4. She gets to do whatever she wants.

    5. She is effortlessly technologically savvy.

    6. Her memoirs are being written for her in real time.

    7. She tons of followers on Twitter.

    8. When she's messy or mean, it's charming.

    9. Her appearance lends itself to poetic descriptions.

    10. She is referred to in only the most dignified of fashions.

    11. Her habitat is 8,000 times more chic than everyone else's.

    12. She has her own private garden.

    13. This is all she has to do for anyone to care deeply about her.

    14. She looks great in anything, in fact.