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14 Photos Of Models In Varying Degrees Of Skimpy Attire At Coachella 2012

The festival is finally behind us — so what did some of the world's hottest and most stylish ladies wear there? Here is your full recap.

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I believe that models have a profound influence on music festival fashion. Perhaps the most profound influence of all in a world of influencers that includes people like Rihanna, who felt like last year's Coachella clothing news when she performed in studded granny panties and a sports bra with the word "PEACE" on it. Some high fashion model probably wore that five years ago. Here are some of the most famous models who went to this year's festival, wore clothes, and looked fashion-y (note: there is a distinction between that and fashionable).


3. Chanel Iman (right)

I am perplexed by all the metal on her waist and what metal bits are attached to what and what originates from where on that outfit. Also, by her lack of pants, —but when you're one of the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show headliners, I guess this is nothing, comparatively.


4. Karlie Kloss

Hands down one of the most adorable and hard-working models today. This is a quirky outfit but not an entirely unreasonable one. Also, this photo with that watermelon slice is basically the opposite of this.

6. Karlie Kloss (with Sam Bradford, the St. Louis Rams quarterback).

Since these photos came out rumors about the two of them dating emerged. These are like high school Facebook photos so all I can say is aw knowing nothing about him.