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    12 Mind-Blowing Transformational Dresses

    Check out these amazing dresses transformed from furniture, laser lights, and... other dresses!

    1. Designer Hussein Chalayan showed dresses in his fall 2013 show that transformed into ENTIRELY NEW OUTFITS with a hard tug at the neckline.



    4. For his spring 2007 collection, Chalayan created dresses that transformed into other dresses without any human assistance.



    He also applied the technology to this hat.



    This show got NSFW toward the end.

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    In this video, you can hear Chalayan talking about the collection. The finale of the show was a model wearing a mechanical thing on her head that, once activated, left her standing on the runway stark naked with a crazy hat.

    9. Chalayan presented this famous LED dress in a 2008 show.

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    10. And, of course, dresses made from furniture slip covers in a 2000 collection.

    11. But the finale of this show was a dress made from a coffee table.

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    12. And he also created amazing pieces with Swarovski crystals and laser lights in a 2008 show.

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    So... what are your clothes doing for you?