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    12 Fashion Models React To Fireworks

    They just never get excited about anything. Such a shame.

    This might be the perfect firework, but...

    1. Cara Delevingne is not excited.

    And these! These are festive.

    2. But Daphne Groeneveld's like, "Oh, I thought this would be better."

    But these! These are just fantastic.

    3. Again, Cara disagrees.


    Elegant monochrome.

    4. But Abbey Lee just wants to smoke and pass out.

    Here are some jazzy purple ones. These must put someone in a festive mood.

    5. Thank you, Miranda Kerr.

    And everyone likes fireworks over a castle.

    6. "Nope."

    Pink is always a crowd pleaser.

    7. Shu Pei's like, "...maybe."

    And surely these will make someone look twice.

    8. Don't get too excited now, Candice Swanepoel.

    City scape! Everyone likes a good scape.

    9. Except Kate Moss, who's seen better.

    And here's one of those fireworks that glitters all over.

    10. "Ugh, not again."

    These will make someone go, "OOH."

    11. Like Rosie Huntington.

    Fireworks in the forest are just beautiful.

    12. But Adriana Lima would really just like to turn back to her mirror.