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10 Dresses Worn By Princess Diana Auction For $1.3 Million

The star piece of the lot was the gown Diana wore to dance with John Travolta at the White House in 1985, which went for $363,000.

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Kerry Taylor Auctions just sold off ten dresses worn by Princess Diana. Collectively, they fetched £862,800 or $1,308,436 — an average of about $130,000 per dress. Ahead, see what each dress sold for (prices have been converted from pounds). Don't you love the '80s?

1. Victor Edelstein green velvet evening gown: $36,396.

From Edelstein's winter 1985 collection, this dress has a 24 inch waist (roughly the size of all of these), and was embellishment-free to emphasize Di's "willowy figure." Also, the "dark green velvet would have provided the perfect back-drop for fabulous jewels," the auction catalog notes. Diana wore it for her private fancy parties.

3. Burgundy velvet sheath with tail coat, by Catherine Walker: $76,431.

News (UK) Ltd / Rex USA

Walker was one of Diana's favorite designers. She wore this dress for the state visit to Korea in 1992 and to the premiere of Steel Magnolias in 1990.


You can watch Diana wearing the dress in live action in this video.

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4. Catherine Walker sequin evening gown: $136,485.

Mauro Carraro / Rex USA

This Walker number appeared on Diana during the 1989 state visit to Austria. According to the auction house catalog, "Diana had enormous faith in Catherine's taste and judgement, so much so — that on this occasion she didn't even ask to see provisional sketches — just asked her to select and make the dresses on her behalf. This extremely glamorous, sparkling gown was the only totally sequined example to form part of the Princess' 1980s wardrobe."

6. Catherine Walker pink sequined ivory crepe gown: $118,287.


Seen on Diana during a state visit to Brazil in April of 1991. But pictured here is the princess wearing it in the company of Liza Minnelli at the after party for Stepping Out.


8. Catherine Walker burgundy crushed velvet evening gown: $163,782.

Tim Graham/Getty Images

Continuing her tradition of wearing things to official state affairs and movie premieres, Diana wore this for a state visit to Australia and then to the premiere of Back to the Future.

10. Victor Edelstein midnight-blue velvet evening gown: $363,168.


Diana wore this — the star piece of the auction — for her famous dance with John Travolta on November 9, 1985. An anonymous British man bought it as a "surprise to cheer up his wife." Goes to show, even with all that money lying around she still wasn't happy. But sadly, we all knew that from Diana's story.