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    8 Must-Have Apps For New Parents

    Congratulations! You are now responsible for keeping another human being alive. Since your smart phone already does a stellar job of managing your life, let it help manage your newborn's as well.

    1. Baby Tracker: Diapers

    iTunes / Via

    A baby’s bathroom habits can say a lot about his or her health. The Baby Tracker: Diapers app keeps record of when and what your little one is producing, so you can tell more easily if something is out of the ordinary ($0.99).

    2. Flock-Photos Together

    iTunes / Via

    Between you, your partner, friends and family, people are taking pictures of your newborn constantly. Flock-Photos Together brings all of the pictures from each person’s iPhone and puts them into a shared album (free).

    3. Best Baby Monitor

    iTunes / Via

    Gone are the days of the bulky Walkie-talkie. Use the Best Baby Monitor app to see, hear and talk to your baby from another room, so long as there is an iOS device or Mac in your baby’s nursery ($3.99).

    4. Baby Shusher / Via

    Forget the lullaby! This app’s produces a “shush” sound that reminds a newborn of being in the womb, thus triggering the baby’s calming response. You can set the Baby Shusher to play continuously for up to eight hours, so go on and get some sleep for yourself (free).

    5. Baby Pack & Go

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    Leaving home to run an errand with a baby can be a lengthy and complicated process thanks to the plethora of things you now need to take with you. But with Baby Pack & Go, parents can make customized packing lists, so you won’t need to face a baby blowout before realizing you forgot the diapers at home ($0.99).

    6. WebMD Baby / Via

    With 400 articles, 600 tips from pediatricians and 70 videos, you’ll be able to navigate nearly any health crisis that comes your way with WebMD Baby (free).

    7. My Baby Today

    iTunes / Via

    My Baby Today has a personalized daily calendar that tells you all you need to know about your baby’s development, while also recommending activities for your child from week to week (free).

    8. Baby Tracker: Nursing

    iTunes / Via

    Make the frenzied transition into breastfeeding a little easier with this nursing app. It records your baby’s nursing schedule with only the tap of a finger. The Baby Tracker: Nursing app can store information for up to six babies, making it a lifesaver for those with more than one to manage ($4.99).

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