10 Reasons Why Spring In The Northeast Is The Best

Can you feel the sunshine? It’s easy to visit the beautiful Northeast this spring when you travel with Amtrak.

This has been one of the harshest winters the Northeast has seen in years.

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The Polar Vortex blew in Arctic-like temperatures, and winter storms dumped over 40 INCHES OF SNOW on the tri-state area since October.

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That’s almost a mile! (It’s not, but it feels like it, right?)

But that just means we’re going to appreciate the thaw of spring so much more.

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1. Seriously. 40 degrees feels like 80, and we’ll start wearing shorts.

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2. The streets get a little brighter because cherry blossoms start blooming EVERYWHERE…

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3. …and we get to be one with nature when we explore places like Castle Clinton in lower Manhattan.

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4. We finally get to fire up our grills and enjoy charcoaled perfection…

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“Yes, I’ll take three pounds of steamers.”

5. …and savor brunch outside at places like Citrus in Virginia Beach, VA.

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7. After being cramped indoors, we get to feel some sunshine and listen to tunes at places like Sweetlife Festival in Maryland, which is a guaranteed good time.

8. It’s nice enough to celebrate our newfound warmth at places like Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City…

Genista / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Via Flickr: genista

Cheers to that!

…and Beekman Beer Garden in NYC.

9. The whole Eastern seaboard rejoices, because lobster rolls are back, baby!

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10. And, most importantly, we get to enjoy our favorite frozen treats once again!

Joe Mabel / CC BY-SA http://2.0 / Flickr: 7943225@N02

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